Anatomical Shoulder| Anatomical Shoulder™ Inverse/Reverse System

Anatomical Shoulder™ System

Traditionally, patients undergoing shoulder reconstruction faced two postoperative tasks. First, they had to let the shoulder tissues recover, as would be expected. Then they had to adapt to anatomical changes imposed by a first- or second-generation implant that offered nothing more than an approximate fit.

But now, with the modular Anatomical Shoulder System, the shoulder implant can be tailored to each patient’s individual anatomy.

This allows a more advanced rehabilitation and an expanded radius of movement while placing fewer demands on the soft tissues and on the anchoring of the prosthesis.

The surgeon enjoys a simple operating technique that places fewer limiting factors on the success of the surgery. The design of the Anatomical Shoulder prosthesis truly sets the new standard for third-generation shoulder arthroplasty.

Anatomical Shoulder

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