Anatomical Shoulder| Anatomical Shoulder™ Inverse/Reverse System

Anatomical Shoulder™ Inverse/Reverse System

From Anatomical To Inverse/Reverse

With the Anatomical Shoulder System and now with the innovative Anatomical Shoulder Inverse/Reverse system, Zimmer offers surgeons a complete Shoulder solution with the possibility to change a done hemi- and total shoulder arthroplasty with the current implanted cemented or press-fit stem into an inverse/reverse shoulder solution.

This design allows the surgeon the opportunity to revise a primary anatomical prosthesis to the inverse/reverse components, without the need for stem removal. Such revision might be necessary in the setting of irreparable rotator cuff tear. This greatly simplifies and shortens revision surgery since the need to remove a well-fixed stem is eliminated.

The Anatomical Shoulder Inverse/Reverse System offers many innovative features including:

  • Option to convert to inverse/reverse without stem removal
  • Designed for flexibility and stability by using either a  press-fit or cemented stem
  • Infinite variable settings of the humeral head
  • Utilizes polyaxial locking screws, variable angulations to a maximum of 30º in all directions
Anatomical Inverse/Reverse Shoulder

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